Valtorta yesterday and today

This itinerary is dedicated to gourmets…and the nostalgics.
To whom want to taste a good product and discover the life in the past.
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Arrival in Valtorta in the morning, small village at the end of the Olmo Valley. This village, known for the near ski areas, is famous also for the traditional carnival and the other traditions from the past used to drive away the long winter. The ancient rural jobs are still visible through some elements still present in the village: the mill, the mallet, the sawmill and the old watch give the village the idea to be an open-air museum. Valtorta is also place of good cheeses, like the Agrì, a fresh cheese (to be eaten in a pair of weeks), created by the local producers. This product is a Slow Food defence as the Stracchino all’Antica and Bitto Storico, produced not far from Valtorta.

After visiting the dairy shop where Agrì is produced and other cheeses, such as Formai de Mut (mountains cheese), you’ll visit the small ethnographic museum, which concentrates tools of the farmer world and some watches from the Opera di Miragolo.

At the end local testing menu.

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