Thematic Itineraries in Bergamo

Teatro sociale bergamo
Proposals for couples, families and groups:
(rates and availability on demand)
- Lorenzo Lotto’s Itinerary (length: 3 hours, morning and afternoon).
In an art expert’s company, itinerary exploring what in ‘500’s was called “Borgo Pignolo”. Visit of the churches which preserve the famous Lorenzo Lotto’s altar pieces (San Bartolomeo, Santo Spirito and San Bernardino) and visit of the quarter where the rich middle class built, in XVI century, their own palaces.
Donizetti’s Itinerary (length: 3 hours, morning and afternoon).
Itinerary in Città Alta exploring places where Gaetano Donizetti, one of the biggest Italian musician, born and lived. Included in the tour is Donizetti Museum.
The walls of Bergamo (length: 3 hours, morning and afternoon).
Itinerary in Città Alta exploring Bergamo’s fortification: from the “Rocca” (fortress) to the “Mura” (walls) walking through the “Cittadella Viscontea”, a tour to learn how Bergamo was protected during the centuries.
Colleoni’s Itinerary (length: 3 hours, morning and afternoon)
Itinerary in Città alta exploring the places of the great leader Bartolomeo Colleoni (in particular Colleoni’s Chapel and the “Luogo Pio della Pietà” one of his houses in the city).
Bergamo Urbs Picta: the glory of Veneto Renaissance
(length: all day 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.).
A full day exploring the Bergamo Veneziana and its artistic treasures.
In the morning: a guided tour in the Città Alta (3 hours) discovering the buildings which characterize the Venetian period. Visit of the most important monuments of the city among which some paintings of Lorenzo Lotto in S. Maria Maggiore and, if possible, the fresco paintings in S. Michele al Pozzo Bianco. Free lunch or tasting of typical dishes of Bergamo in a local restaurant.
In the afternoon you can choose among:
- visiting the Oratorio Suardi in Trescore Balneario, to see the Lorenzo Lotto’s fresco paintings.
- visiting the painting of the Carrara Academy in Palazzo della Ragione in Città Alta and free time to do shopping.
- visiting Lorenzo Lotto’s churches in the lower Town (San Bartolomeo, Santo Spirito, San Bernardino).
Bartolomeo Colleoni: the great leader
(length:  all day 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.)
Itinerary exploring Bartolomeo Colleoni’s legends, general of the army in the Republic of Venice.
A) in the morning: tour of Città Alta (visit to the most important monuments: fortifications, Colleoni’s Chapel and Luogo Pio of Bartolomeo Colleoni. Free lunch or lunch break in a historic or panoramic place.
In the afternoon: tour of Malpaga Castle, in the district.
B) Colleoni’s Itinerary in the district (in cooperation with Promoisola): guided tour of the castles where Bartolomeo Colleoni born and lived.
“Bergamo castellana” – tour with animation
In the morning: guided tour of Città Alta. Visit to the most important monuments with possibility to add a tour in the Palazzo della Ragione and fresco paintings in San Michele al Pozzo Bianco. Trip to the district and lunch in a medieval castle.
In the afternoon: tour of the castle with historical show or theatrical animation.
(Possibility to add a short stop with breakfast in an ancient court to see the museum of the rural life).

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