Visiting Sotto il Monte Papa Giovanni XXIII

Papa Giovanni XXIII
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Thanks to the cooperation with Casa del Pellegrino (House of Pilgrimage) we can lead you through a spiritual itinerary, discovering the personality of pope John XXIII and visiting the places of his childhood.

The birth home: Located on the 1st floor of the building where Angelo Roncalli was born on 25th November.

Ca' Maitino. Immersed in a green landscape, it was the residence  chosen by Angelo Roncalli during his stays back to Sotto il Monte.

The tower of St. John. The history of Sotto il Monte starts from the hill overlooking  the village. A watchtower on the plain was built during the year 964 and transformed later into a belfry.

Brusicco. In the church of this suburb of Sotto il Monte, Angelo Roncalli was baptized and he celebrated his first mass in the village.

Sanctum of Caneve. Lying at the feet of Monte Canto, Angelo Roncalli celebrated his last mass in the village.

Sanctum of St. John XXIII. It's the heart of the spiritual pilgrimage together with the parish church, the chapel of peace, the crypt  with pope's mold of his face and right hand, realized by Giacomo Manzu' and the garden of peace (the green area of the sanctum).



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