Gastronomic excursion

Gastronomic excursion
For who want to allow himself a gluttonous sin, this itinerary is ideal: an excursion toward a huge green rise where rises one of the production studio of one of the six local dairy pearl: the ancient Stracchino of the Orobie Valley,with Slow Food defence.
- Overnight
- Great buffet breakfast
- WI FI Internet connection

Arrival in the morning in Sedrina, the first villane in the Mountain Community of the Brembana Valley: the church, realized by local arch. Codussi,who worked in Venice in 1500s, guards a fine altar piece of Lorenzo Lotto, 1542.
Departure for the excursion with a low difficulty (about 1 hour) to reach the area of production of the ancient Stracchino of the Orobie Valley.
This product, Slow Food defence, is a tasty fat cheese, ancestor of the Taleggio, realized with fresh-made milk taken from the tired cows (which in dialect is stracch, like the name stracchino) because they come back from the summer pasture or the level pasture.
The ancient Stracchino ages for 20 days with high humidity level, which give its crust the typical white mildew.
After the visit and a stop contemplating the fantastic landscape, lunch in an agritourism, for a perfect balance between body and spirit! Strobl back to Sedrina.

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