Daily Trips Around the District

Escursioni Giornaliere in Provincia di Bergamo




Proposals for couples, families and groups:
(rates and availability on demand)
- Discover Brembana Valley. An itinerary exploring Brembana
Valley and some of its artistic treasures and wine & food tastes.
Starting from Bergamo to Taleggio Valley, famous for its traditional cheese. First stop in Gerosa, to take a short walk (about 30 min) along an easy mountain path as far as the characteristic 500-century sanctuary “Madonna della Foppa”, a small mountain Church, from which you can see an evocative landscape of the surrounding valleys (this walk is suitable for small groups and with good weather only). Arrival in Taleggio and tour of a cheese factory, where you can taste and buy local products.
Starting from Brembana Valley and visiting S. Giovanni Bianco and Cornello dei Tasso (these routes are suitable in every season and also for big groups). If the weather is good, small stop in S. Pellegrino, famous for its Thermae and its Liberty-style buildings. During the day, lunch break in a famous “agriturismo” of this area, where it’s possible to taste and buy herbal–based dishes and goat cheese.
- Bergamo Grand Tour. An itinerary exploring Bergamo landscapes.
Morning to the mountains: going to the Seriana Valley you reach the small village of Castione  and the Presolana Pass where, following an easy mountain path, you reach the “Salto degli Sposi” (the spring of the married couple), an evocative view over the Bergamo Dolomites.
After a coffee break, departure to the lake, follwing the Dezzo-river gorge. Arrival at the lake, visit of Lovere and lunch break. You can choose between free lunch or lake-fish-based lunch.
In the afternoon visit of the small fishing villages along the coast.
Stop in Sarnico and free time to do shopping.
If the weather is good, before returning in Bergamo short walk in the small medieval centre of Castelli Calepio.
- The Isola Bergamasca. In cooperation with Promoisola, an itinerary exploring medieval and Romanesque architectural treasures in the region between Adda and Brembo rivers.
Visit of  S. Fermo di Grignano’s church in Brembate, of Santa Giulia’s church in Bonate Sotto, of the Marne Castel and S. Egidio’s Abbey in Fontanella. Lunch at the “agriturismo” or restaurant along the Adda river. Possibility to add the guided tour of Sotto il Monte.
- Bergamo Città Alta + Valcalepio Tour (visit of a wine cellar and lunch in a winery with possibility to buy tasted wines).
- Bergamo Città Alta + Sotto il Monte Tour (lunch in Bergamo or in “agriturismo” in Sotto il Monte).
- Bergamo Città Alta + Iseo Lake Tour (lunch in Bergamo and walk on the lakeside or boat-trip).
- Bergamo Città Alta + Crespi Village Tour (lunch in Bergamo or in “agriturismo” around Crespi Village. Where the good weather comes it is possible to replace the tour in Crespi with Leonardo’s itinerary along Adda river).


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