The charm of the medieval rock: from Cornello dei Tasso to Arlecchino of Oneta

da Cornello dei Tasso all'Arlecchino di Oneta
The Brembana Valley has represented for years the favourite way for transit and sell of iron artefact, fabrics, salt and spices from Bergamo to Valtellina and Swiss. In the same way, from this valley a lot of migrants have left and some of them stands out for his initiative as the well-known mask Arlecchino.
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Arrival in Camerata Cornello, one of the most beautiful village in Italy, visit of the village structure keep intact for centuries: from the lower level, with the unique porch seat of the small shops and market which occurred weekly during the period of activity of the via Mercatorum, then getting on the more aristocrat levels characterized by the palace facades frescoed with the family emblems, within which the dynasty of Tasso stands out, e then the Romanic church that dominates the village and the silent nature nearby.
Don’t miss a stop-over at the ruin of the Tasso family house, known for founding and spreading in Europe the postal system, to which a complete museum is dedicated. A short stroll through the flat and shady wood leads to Oneta, a little village of ancient construction where the house of Arlecchino stands out, a local emigrant who arrived in Venice looking for a job and stood out for his creativity becoming a irreverent mask.

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